Carol Henry is a recognized international scholar-practitioner in community-engaged research, international development, and teaching and learning. She leads multi-partner, multi-faceted programs addressing the determinants of and solutions to food security and malnutrition through understanding the complex nature of food systems, food processing and development, and nutrition interventions. Over the past 15 years, her team has worked on nutrition-related research, teaching, and development project at home and abroad, including but not limited to Africa, the Caribbean, and Southeast Asia. Carol is a member of the Canadian Society for Studies in Education, Dietitians of Canada, and American Dietetic Association. Her research interests also include school and community health, child nutrition, children’s and consumer literacy and health, adolescent health, and food security, as well as food systems as they relate to technologies and the organization of health service workers, international development, and partnerships.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs),
Gender & Health,
Community Health,
Nutrition & Food Security