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How it works

How it works
Man mentoring young woman

How does it work?

  1. Interested Students and Emerging Professionals (SEPs) and potential mentors apply online to participate in the program.  
  2. SEP applications are evaluated and scored using pre-determined criteria.
  3. High-ranking SEPs and available mentors are paired according to their mutual interests within the field of global health.
  4. After the first meeting, the SEP-mentor pair identifies modules of interest to receive adapted training materials from their liaison.
  5. The pair maintains a conversation either in person, over the phone or Skype, or by email, as often as they have decided feasible.
  6. To help stimulate conversation and discussion of global health issues, monthly modules are sent from the program liaison, including news stories, academic articles, multi-media resources, and other learning materials.

The expected time commitment is 1-2 hours per month for a period of eight months, beginning at the start of the calendar year.

Benefits to SEPs

  • Create relationships with leading professionals in field of interest
  • Learn from seasoned professional’s experience in global health
  • Discuss career goals and seek guidance
  • Enhance understanding of current global health issues

Benefits to Mentors

  • Gain new insight into the global health field from a learners’ perspective
  • Discuss current global health challenges with eager young minds
  • Support and share one’s passions with the next cohort of global health leaders
How it works