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Academic Institutions

Academic Institutions

*Member organizations must designate two individuals to represent their organization and manage the benefits.


Knowledge creation and sharing:

  • Benefit from the added value of research coordination and collaboration.
  • Participate in the CAGH University Advisory Council, a unique forum for members to engage with core scientific and interdisciplinary professional expertise that enables greater collaboration among nearly 30 member universities and moves the global health research agenda forward.
  • Mentor the next generation of global health researchers and emerging leaders.
  • Offer linkages and engagement with our Students & Emerging Professionals Network with university chapters.
  • Stay up-to-date on Canadian global health research activities, news, and careers in global health and development through the CAGH electronic newsletter.
  • Be part of the inter-university task groups that address challenges associated with global health work (internationalization, transdisciplinarity, funding) and propose others.
  • Join country-based research “harmonization” initiatives, such as our dynamic bilateral partnerships with Mongolia, Tanzania and Zambia.

Capacity Building:

  • Access learning resources for application of principles for global health research: partnership assessment tool; knowledge translation curriculum; stories of funding and mentorship; webinar series on careers in public health.

Representation and Recognition:

  • Be eligible (organizational representatives) for election to CAGH Board of Directors, vote at the Annual General Meeting, and participate in CAGH committees.
  • Promote your institution on the CAGH website, social channels, in CAGH publications and receive discounted exhibits and advertising at the Canadian Conference on Global Health (CCGH).

To become a member or to renew your membership, please contact us at 

Academic Institutions