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Zambia-Canada Research Partnership

Zambia-Canada Research Partnership

The Zambia-Canada Research partnership (ZCRP) has been active for about ten years. The group usually has two face-to-face meetings annually—one in Zambia when several Canadian team members are in the country, and the other in Canada at the time of the Canadian Conference on Global Health. 

The long-term vision of the ZCRP is to improve the health of Zambians by strengthening the national health research system. This will be done by: 

  • Strengthening the health research capabilities of both Zambian and Canadian partners at the individual, institutional and system levels, and: 
  • Increasing the production and use of health knowledge (research) through Zambian-Canada research partnerships. 

In addition to individual projects, we have memoranda-of-understanding (MOU’s) with two Zambian organizations: 

National Health Research Authority (NHRA): The NHRA is the product of the Health Research Act of 2013, following a series of earlier consultations in which the Canadian Coalition for Global Health Research (CCGHR) was a key partner. More recently, the leadership of both organizations, recognizing that they shared values and goals, developed and signed an MOU that is now being operationalized. For more information about the NHRA, see: 

Zambezi Ecohealth Partnership (ZEP): Established in 2016, ZEP is a registered non-governmental initiative of several partners.  These include: the Republic of Zambia through the Western Province Health Office, the University of Barotseland, the University of Lincoln (UK), the University of Aberystwyth (UK), and the CCGHR (with the of Waterloo serving as a hub). ZEP researchers and practitioners have two main goals: 

  • To provide evidence for addressing priority health and well-being problems of the lives of people in Western Zambia; and 
  • To strengthen the resilience of the health system and related sectors which have been further threatened by climate change. 

  [Please note: a ZEP website is being developed].  


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