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Equity Partnership Tool

Equity Partnership Tool

The Equity Tool (EQT) for valuing Global Health Partnerships 

The EQT will be of interest to individuals or teams engaged in partnerships where achieving equity is a priority concern. Global health partnerships (GHPs) involve complex relationships between individuals and organizations, often joining partners from high-income and low- or middle-income countries around work that is carried out in the latter. GHPs are, therefore, situated in the context of global inequities and their underlying socio-political and historical causes, such as colonization. The EQT can guide people involved in partnering to consider the equity implications of all their actions, from inception, through implementation and completion of a partnership. The EQT allows for; 

  1. Identification of equity considerations in terms of an individual’s experience and an assessment of the partnership overall. 
  2. The EQT is not scored nor is it meant to determine whether a partnership is or is not equitable. 
  3. The EQT offers an opportunity to identify aspects of equity to be strengthened through open, non-judgmental dialogue. 

Consult the EQT and its instruction manual  

Individuals interested in fully understanding the development of the EQT can consult the supplemental documents: