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Professional Societies

Professional Societies

Canadian professional organizations working to enhance their programming in global health, social justice and equity, international development and humanitarian assistance.

*Member organizations must designate two individual representatives who will manage the benefits.


New opportunity to get involved in global health through a national organization

  • Ability to contribute directly to support the achievement of SDG 3 – Health and well-being for all and support critical global health needs
  • Ability to participate through a variety of functions and programming priorities offered by the CAGH

Avenue to demonstrate organizational commitment to global health

  • Align institutional brand with global health
  • Enhance employee engagement
  • Support purpose-related goals, CSR objectives, or corporate engagement

Opportunity to join a diverse community of stakeholders and speak with a unified voice to shape Canada’s role in global health

  • CAGH membership representation: healthcare professionals, policy makers, academics, researchers, international development professionals, students, and young professionals. 
  • CAGH has close partnerships with several organizations that are key stakeholders in the global health space.  These include coalitions and alliances, government agencies and multilateral institutions.

Opportunity for enhanced representation in CAGH and global health forums

  • Participate in the Civil Society and Health Professionals Council (CSHPC), an emerging forum for members to connect, engage, collaborate and implement the continuum of research, policy, global health and clinical practice, and advocacy in global health by moving forward together effectively on global health issues.
  • Participate in discussion forums, dialogues and webinars with global experts.
  • Organizational representatives are eligible for election to CAGH Board of Directors, vote at the Annual General Meeting, and participate in CAGH committees and working groups. 

Opportunity to mentor the next generation of global health actors and leaders

Awareness and opportunity to participate in the CCGH annual conference which is a major attraction as it provides:

  • Sense of belonging, being with like-minded people and organizations.
  • High-quality scientific content.
  • Opportunities for education, networking and identifying collaborator partners.

To become a member, please contact us at 

Professional Societies