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Canadian Women in Global Health Leadership

Canadian Women in Global Health Leadership

Women make up 75% of the healthcare workforce. Their contribution to health systems is essential, yet their work is often undervalued and their leadership unrecognized. We are working to change that story.

CAGH has created a searchable list of Canadian Women in Global Health to celebrate and promote the achievements and expertise of these amazing leaders.

We also represent the Canadian chapter of the international movement for Women in Global Health, where we advocate for gender equality in global health.

CWIGH Leadership Steering Committee

The Steering Committee works to enhance the profile of its initiatives, as well as the gender equality in global health leadership movement generally, across the country. It undertakes advocacy and education efforts, event planning, such as conference sessions, webinars, continuing education opportunities and networking mixers, as well as preparing and disseminating digital content and resources that aligns with its mandate.

Meet the members of the Steering Committee

For more information on the steering committee, please review the Terms of Reference