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World Hepatitis Day Art Contest

World Hepatitis Day Art Contest

CAGH, with support from AbbVie, has partnered with Correctional Service Canada (CSC) and Provincial Correctional Services in PEI, BC and NS to organize its annual World Hepatitis Day Art Contest for incarcerated persons in correctional facilities across Canada.

Currently, 325 million people around the world live with viral hepatitis. Only 11 percent are aware of their status, meaning that there are millions of people who have hepatitis and don’t know it. There are 600,000 Canadians living with viral hepatitis, many of whom are also unaware that they are affected. If left untreated, hepatitis can lead to liver failure, cirrhosis, liver cancer or needing a liver transplant.

Hepatitis, hepatitis C in particular,  disproportionately affects people who are incarcerated, contributing to the spread of hepatitis and perpetuating health inequities. Correctional institutions therefore represent an important public health setting for hepatitis testing and treatment, and raising awareness of these issues. The main aim of the Hepatitis Art Contest is to encourage inmates to get informed and know their status by getting tested. These actions bring Canada one step closer to meeting its commitment to eliminate viral hepatitis by 2030.

The theme for 2022’s World Hepatitis Day, “I Can’t Wait,” focuses on the urgent need to address viral hepatitis- even in the current COVID-19 crisis.

CAGH is pleased to showcase the winning entries for the 2022 Art Contest below:

2022 Winners 


Mark T, Bowden Institution, AB


Roseline BP, Joliette Institution, QC


Click here to see all of the 2022 winning posters



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