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Tanzania-Canada Research Partnership

Tanzania-Canada Research Partnership

The Tanzania–Canada Research Partnership (TCRP) was launched at the time of the partnership’s first symposium that took place in Dar Es Salaam in December 2014, at the Canadian High Commission.


The long-term vision of the Tanzania-Canada Research Partnership is to improve the health of Tanzanians by strengthening the national health research system. This will be done by:

  • Strengthening the health research capacities of both Tanzanian and Canadian partners at the individual, institutional and system levels.
  • Increasing the production and use of health knowledge through collaborative research projects.

To achieve these goals, team members will respect and acknowledge the differences in communication norms in both countries, exploring new approaches in communicating that ensure all team members are included in the various team dialogues and receive relevant updates. These innovative approaches to knowledge sharing and collaboration support our long-term vision.