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Videos and Webinars

Videos and Webinars

Climate Change and Health 

Beyond Climate Change: creating Healthy 'One planet' Communities - by Trevor Hancock and Cora Hallswort - September 2020​

This webinar links the Anthropocene, the ecological determinants of health and One Planet Living; Introduces the ecological footprint and its measurement at a local level; Introduces the One Planet approach and its health co-benefits

Policy Intersections for the Global Crises of Covid-19 and Climate Change - by Chris G. Buse - June 2020 

As people around the world practice physical distancing, net benefits from the resulting global economic pause have created opportunities for environmental conditions to improve. Proving that we can move remarkably quickly in the face of a global emergency, what then can we learn from the COVID-19 crisis to drive action on climate change?

Zoonoses, Wildlife and Humans in an Era of Climate Change - by Dr Mira Ziolo - May 2020

Dr. Mira Ziolo's presentation provides a brief background to zoonoses and spillover events and discusses the trends we are seeing in the new millennium. It also elaborates on the disparities in both animal and human populations and how those factors affect disease emergence.  

Floodplains, Climate Change and Health in Zambia - by Douglas Singini - April 2020 

This presentation introduces the Zambezi River from the perspective of the Lozi people and explores existing and future health threats, including the relative fragility of the environment and the healthcare system.

Climate Change and Health: Working with First Nations - by Dr. Paivi Abernethy - March 2020

The goal of this presentation is to provide a more nuanced picture of climate health research than usually is discussed, emphasizing especially aspects that First Nations tend to pay more attention to. The webinar will discuss climate change impacts on health and power asymmetries in climate health research, as well as highlight the potential leadership role of Indigenous peoples in addressing climate health challenges.

The Health and Psychosocial Impacts of Floods - by Philippe Gachon - February 2020 

This presentation addresses the overlooked long-term impacts of floods on people's health and well-being once the flood is over and houses are dried. It concludes that those impacts must be analyzed at various levels and over time. 

Wildfires in BC: Health effects and system implications in a global perspective - by John Lavery and Sarah Henderson - March 2019

The short-term health impacts of wildfire smoke exposure are relatively well-understood, but the long-term impacts of (1) long exposure episodes and/or (2) repeated annual exposures are not well understood. This webinar explores the potential implications of climate-related severe events from an emergency management perspective, including impacts to the health care system in BC. 

Governance, Evidence and Action: Country Case Studies of Climate Change Advocacy for Human Health - by Dr. Rosmond Adams, Dr. Ngozi N. Joe-Ikechebelu & Vic Neufeld - October 2019 

The seventh webinar of the CAGH Working Group on the Health Impacts of Climate Change explores the Governance, evidence, and action through country case studies of climate change advocacy for human health. 

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