Sophie Bonnet (M.Sc, M.Sc.PH) is an experienced and passionate humanitarian aid worker who worked in the field of global health for the past 7 years in fragile, vulnerable and conflict-affected countries. She specialized in water, sanitation and hygiene in Burkina Faso (Fondation 2iE) and in public health/epidemiology at the University of Montreal. She did eleven missions in Sierra Leone and Iraq with Action Contre la Faim; in Democratic Republic of Congo with Acted; South Sudan, Liberia and Mali with Médecins Sans Frontières, WHO and IOM; and in Myanmar with Solidarités International. In Liberia and South Sudan, she specialized in infection prevention and control during the Ebola and cholera outbreaks. She developed and participated to significant projects with the aim to improve public health conditions and support the most vulnerable populations. She is currently working as a Public Health Technical Advisor with the French NGO Solidarités International.

Emerging Leader,
Humanitarian & Emergency Response,
Social Determinants of Health,
Community Health,
Infectious Diseases