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Climate Change and Health

Climate Change and Health

Climate Change and Health Working Group

The Working Group on Climate Change and Health (WGCCH) was launched in early 2018 in recognition of the urgency of addressing challenges at the intersection of health and climate change. The mandate of the Working Group is to identify knowledge gaps through CAGH individual and institutional members, to communicate the current state of knowledge, and raise awareness of drivers for and changes in climate-related health.

Current activities

  • Climate Change and Health Webinar Series hosted by members. 
  • Annotated Bibliography: Student and Young Professional members of this Working Group are compiling key publications as a future resource for CAGH members.
  • The Working Group is testing a listserv as a first step to developing a community of practice around climate change and health, which members can request to join.
  • Policy Briefs focused on climate change and chronic conditionsinfectious diseases and health systems were developed to inform the 2018 CIHR-IDRC consultations on global health. 



  • Corinne Wallace, University of Saskatchewan
  • David Zakus, University of Toronto

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