Dr. Marsha Campbell-Yeo, a neonatal nurse practitioner, clinician scientist and professor, is internationally recognized for her research related to the assessment and treatment of newborn pain and the engagement of families. She has global health experience spanning clinical practice, learning tools, education, research, and advocacy focused on the reduction of maternal and infant death and disability through training of care providers and empowerment of mothers in low-to-middle income settings. Marsha has taught the Helping Babies Survive low-tech simulation-based program and has led research regarding the evaluation of its impact including Helping Babies Breathe, Essential Care for Every Newborn and Essential Care of the Small Baby; the latter she is a co-author, across numerous global settings. Marsha has led research regarding barriers and facilitators for education of nurses, nursing leadership and quality improvement initiatives, and the impact of e-health technology to provide information regarding essential care for every mother following birth.

Health Policy & Systems,
Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)