Kate Dickson has worked in India, Guatemala, Indonesia, USA, and Latin America and the Caribbean.  She retired from the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO/WHO) in July 2017. As International Advisor, she spearheaded the Regional Coalition to Eliminate Cholera from Hispaniola through investments in water and sanitation and health system strengthening led by PAHO. Between 1990 and 2017, Kate worked in global health programming, policy, and governance for the United Nations (UNICEF, UNHCR, and PAHO/WHO), non-governmental organizations (CARE, Canadian Red Cross), and Health Canada’s International Affairs Directorate. Her professional experience focused on maternal and newborn mortality reduction, polio eradication, cholera elimination, and primary health care in areas affected by natural disasters, economic crisis, or conflict.  She has worked directly with stakeholders from all levels of governments both in Canada and abroad, UN agencies, national and international nongovernmental and community-based organizations. She has been a CSIH board member since 2012.

Health Policy & Systems,
Humanitarian & Emergency Response,
Social Determinants of Health,
Sexual & Reproductive Health