Karlee Silver is Co-CEO of Grand Challenges Canada. Prior to being appointed Co-CEO, Karlee was the Vice President, Programs at Grand Challenges Canada, where she set strategy for development and humanitarian innovation initiatives. Karlee enables the programs, investments, and knowledge management teams to source, support. and transition to scale promising innovations for social impact in low- and middle-income countries. She received her doctorate in 2006 from the University of Oxford, where she attended as a Rhodes Scholar and trained in genetics and immunology. Traveling through Southern Africa after Oxford led to a refocus towards global health. Witnessing both the strength of women to sustain their families and communities, and the vulnerability of these same women to the consequences of poverty, inspired Karlee to apply herself to empowering women and girls. Karlee has a unique perspective on the new ways people are trying to improve the world.

Humanitarian & Emergency Response,
Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs),
Gender & Health,
Sexual & Reproductive Health