Dr. Fozia Alvi is an American trained physician working in Calgary, Alberta, for the past 13 years. Dr. Alvi and her husband Tahir Alvi were always passionate humanitarians and had organized several health and education-related projects in developing nations, including opening a charity-based maternity hospital in rural Pakistan. Dr. Alvi went on a medical mission to the Bangladesh refugees’ camps in 2017 and was moved by the plight of Rohingya and has since been an advocate for them. Dr. Alvi spoke at various international levels about this genocide and is also involved in advocacy for the Uyghurs of China and putting a stop to illegal organ harvesting. She currently runs her foundation Humanity Auxilium and organizes medical relief missions. She has been given various awards for her advocacy work including being a Nobel Prize nominee 2019 and Advocacy award 2019 by CAMSS.

Governance & Administration,
Health Finance & Economics,
Humanitarian & Emergency Response,
Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs),
Social Determinants of Health