Christine Gibson is founder and Executive Director of Global Familymed Foundation (GFF), active since 2012 throughout Eastern Africa and Asia, with active projects in Uganda. An academic physician with a Masters in Medical Education; she has consulted in Ethiopia, Myanmar, and Nepal. She has spoken at international conferences in South Korea, Brazil, Uganda, Tunisia, and Ireland, and is also a TEDx speaker about humility with a global health narrative. As co-lead of the College of Family Physician's Besrour Centre Narrative Working group, she spearheaded a storybooth project at a large family medicine conference - when the team collected over 130 stories from 55 countries, they were able to publish the qualitative analysis. Recently, she was the podcast host for a ten-episode series for Canadian Family Physicians where she interviewed southern partners about their response to the COVID-19 pandemic. She created a residency program in Global Health at the University of Calgary.

Health Policy & Systems,
Social Determinants of Health,
Community Health,
Chronic Diseases & Cancer