Caroline is an emerging global health policy specialist with a passion for vaccines and infectious disease policy. As a policy advisor with World Vision Canada, she successfully advocated in coalition for $14 billion for women's and children's health and $600 million for Gavi; piloting a gender-transformative framework for nutrition; and releasing a series of reports on the impacts of COVID-19. Caroline currently serves as a board member of CanUgan, a Canadian-Ugandan mobility non-profit. In 2020, Caroline joined the COVID-19 Vaccine Logistics team at the Public Health Agency of Canada, providing policy and organizational support to Canada’s vaccine rollout. She is now a consultant with the World Health Organization, overseeing stakeholder engagement and resource development pertaining to vaccine value. Caroline is a Doctor of Public Health candidate with the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Her supervisors are Drs. Pauline Paterson and Heidi Larson, co-directors of the Vaccine Confidence Project.

Emerging Leader,
Health Policy & Systems,
Governance & Administration,
Community Health,
Infectious Diseases