Caroline Marshall is an emerging global health policy specialist with a passion for vaccines and global health governance. As a global health policy advisor with World Vision Canada, her achievements included successfully advocating in coalition for $14 billion for women's and children's health and $600 million for Gavi the Vaccine Alliance; piloting a new gender-transformative framework for nutrition; and releasing a series of reports on the impacts of COVID-19. Caroline currently serves as a Board Member of a Canadian-Ugandan disability charity, and is part of the CSIH MentorNet program. This fall, she will take on a new role in vaccine policy with the Public Health Agency of Canada.  In 2019, she commenced a Doctor of Public Health with the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, comparing impacts of different policy approaches on vaccine uptake. Her supervisors are Drs. Pauline Paterson and Heidi Larson, co-directors of the Vaccine Confidence Project.

Emerging Leader,
Health Policy & Systems,
Governance & Administration,
Community Health,
Infectious Diseases