Canadace Young-Rojanschi is an engineer practicing in the field of environmental health. Her primary area of work has been in disrupting the fecal-oral transmission of pathogens through water, sanitation, and hygiene interventions. Globally, preventable infectious diarrhoeal diseases, transmitted through the fecal-oral transmission route, are among the top causes of death in children under the age 5 years old. Her doctoral research identified risk factors for contaminated drinking water in an Amerindian community in the Amazon, and factors leading to the adoption or rejection of household-level water quality interventions. Her work with CAWST has included supporting the development of maternal and child health educational materials, working to develop appropriate methods to remove arsenic and fluoride from drinking water, and supporting other organizations to conduct research on water, sanitation, and hygiene technologies.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs),
Sexual & Reproductive Health,
Infectious Diseases,
Water and Sanitation Hygiene