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CAGH MentorNet connects Students and Young Professionals (SYPs) interested in global health with experts in the field for discussion and coaching over a period of 8 to 10 months.

CAGH provides a curriculum of more than 40 diverse educational modules in global health, as well as a program liaison (MentorNet steering committee member) to support and facilitate the mentorship process. The program is very flexible, with mentors and SYPs free to adapt the program in a way that suits them best. On average, SYP-mentor pairs meet monthly through Skype or in person, using the educational modules provided by their program liaisons as a starting off point.

A successful mentorship experience is one that benefits both the mentor and the SYP through exploring issues in new ways and by giving/receiving career and life advice in the field of global health.

The 2022 MentorNet Program is now open. Global health students and young professionals, as well as seasoned professionals, have until Monday, February 14, 2022, to fill out their respective application forms

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