Having worked in global health for over 10 years and traveled to over 70 countries, Ruby Syal regards herself as a global citizen. Ruby has held various roles in Canada and overseas with a number of international organizations such as the UN, WHO, AKDN, Red Cross and MSF. Ruby’s focus has always been on women's and children's health needs, access, and delivery of cost-effective and sustainable interventions and services. With an emphasis on longer-term development initiatives, Ruby also serves as an on-call emergency responder in both national and international disasters. Ruby‘s current involvement is as a researcher in Global Child Health. Through her diverse range of experiences, including her own personal background stemming from a migrant family in Canada, Ruby strives to bridge planning and research with practical elements. Ruby holds a Master's in Public Health and another in International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law from a health perspective.

Humanitarian & Emergency Response,
Social Determinants of Health,
Community Health,
Diversity, Inclusion & Equity,
Sexual & Reproductive Health