Roojin Habibi is an international lawyer, advocate, and scholar with expertise in global health law, governance and justice. She has advocated for the right to health at the local and international level through civil society and intergovernmental organizations including the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network, the Canadian Medical Association, the Namibian Legal Assistance Centre and UNAIDS. She is lead coordinator of the Global Health Law Consortium, a collaborative interdisciplinary research initiative focused on advancing global health law and a Fellow of the Canadian International Council. Roojin teaches Medicines Policy, Economics and Ethics at Sydney Health Ethics (University of Sydney), holds a law degree (J.D.) from the University of Ottawa, a specialization in transnational law from the University of Geneva, and a Master’s of Science in Global Health from McMaster University. At Osgoode Hall Law School, she is pursuing a doctoral thesis on international human rights principles for the governance of global public health emergencies.

Health Policy & Systems,
Social Determinants of Health,
Governance & Administration,
Sexual & Reproductive Health,
Human Rights & International Law