Noni MacDonald is a Professor of Paediatrics (Infectious Diseases) at Dalhousie University and IWK Health Centre in Halifax Canada. Two current major areas of interest involve global health: 1) Vaccines including vaccine safety, hesitancy, demand, pain mitigation, education, and policy especially through her work with the World Health Organization as a member of SAGE and the Decade of Vaccines Working Group and 2) MicroResearch, building capacity in community focused research in developing countries and Canada to help interdisciplinary health professionals find local solutions for community health problems that fit the context, culture, and resources. She is a Founder and Co-Director of the Centre for MicroResearch International. MicroResearch has trained almost 1000 in East Africa with over 150 projects developed, 96 launched, 30 completed, and 34 publications. Her publication experience (over 400 articles) and editorial background (over 20years as journal Editor-in Chief) has proved helpful to MicroResearch authors.

Health Policy & Systems,
Humanitarian & Emergency Response,
Community Health,
Sexual & Reproductive Health,
Infectious Diseases