Nalini Singhal is co-editor of Helping Babies Survive programs that include Helping Babies Breathe, Essential Care for Every Baby, and Essential Care for Small Baby. These hands-on low-tech simulation-based programs are being used in over 80 countries and have demonstrated an effect on decreasing newborn mortality and stillbirth rates. She has showcased the importance of local implementation and co-chaired a meeting of experts from around the world to help develop 10 points for successful implementation. Nalini is the co-developer of Health Child Uganda, a successful comprehensive community to health centre and district hospital project for improving maternal and newborn health. The approach in now being implemented in two districts in Tanzania. Nalini developed peer to peer learning for simulation based practice to help retain skills. She developed and implemented a simple EPIQ 10 steps, an evidence-based practice and quality program used in Bangladesh, Tanzania, and Ethiopia.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs),
Governance & Administration,
Community Health,
Sexual & Reproductive Health