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Michelle Amri

Michelle Amri
Portrait of Michelle Amri

Michelle Amri - MPA, PhD - is an SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellow and Takemi Fellow at Harvard University, conducting global health research situated in the emerging field of politics of health and largely focused on health equity. Her previous work has been centered in global health, health promotion, and public policy, at both the World Health Organization and the Ontario Public Service. Michelle has been a steering committee member for MentorNet for several years, as well as an Honorary Advisory Board Member for the PEGASUS Institute. She has

assisted in organizing the CCGH and PEGASUS conferences and has been named on the Canadian Women in Global Health list. Michelle has also taught courses both at the University of Victoria and the University of Toronto (where she was recognized with a teaching award) and continues to supervise research students. To learn more about Michelle, please visit her personal website

Michelle envisions an organization that bridges sectoral and disciplinary divides. The amalgamation of CSIH and CCGHR signals a merger of practice and research. CAGH-ACSM is in a strong position to nurture and sustain this synthesis, as the organization engages practitioners, scholars, SYPs, and many others. There remains a need in global health to work across disciplines, which she thinks CAGH-ACSM is similarly well-positioned to address. She hopes to help execute this vision by bringing drive and energy. Michelle believes her experience in public policy development and engaging stakeholders from around the world can help to attract others in different disciplines, and bridge sectoral and disciplinary divides to promote more global engagement.

Michelle's work is guided by the following mantra: “Many small people who in many small places do many small things that can alter the face of the world

Michelle speaks English and conversational Azeri.