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Message on the Amalgamation from the Chairs and Co-chairs of CSIH and CCGHR

Message on the Amalgamation from the Chairs and Co-chairs of CSIH and CCGHR


It is our pleasure to provide you with an update on the steps underway following the unanimous membership vote of approval on March 29th 2021 for the terms of the amalgamation between CSIH and CCGHR to create the Canadian Association for Global Health. Following 18 months of regular meetings and due diligence, the amalgamation process reached another milestone. We thank our members for their vote of confidence – a vote that marked a significant moment in the history of both organizations, as well as the future direction of global health in Canada.

The Amalgamation Agreement approved by the membership was formally submitted to Corporations Canada on March 30th. Once signed by the Director of Corporations Canada, it will become the Articles of Amalgamation that set the legal parameters for CAGH-ACSM. 

The Articles of Amalgamation will then be submitted to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) for its blessing of CAGH as a charitable organization.

A Transition Committee composed of 3 members of each organization plus 3 additional members, is working steadily to undertake the next phase of preparatory tasks towards a smooth transition for the amalgamation, scheduled to take place on July 1st 2021.  A number of smaller working groups have been created within the Transition Committee to develop the preliminary strategic directions based upon the mandate, to refine the Board Policies, develop a preliminary 2-year budget using existing known funding, and create a branding and communications strategy for the new organization.  Fund raising will also be a priority.

We want to thank our members and staff of both organizations for their time and engagement in helping to make this initiative a reality. As we move forward with this process, we will continue to keep our members updated on our progress towards amalgamation.  Next steps include:

  • Submitting our application for amalgamation to Canada Revenue Agency following approval by Corporations Canada
  • Growing the membership  
  • Preparing a 2-year budget and strategic directions as a basis for a strategic plan
  • Striking a Nomination Committee to prepare for the elections of new directors to the Inaugural Board
  • Conducting our First Annual General Meeting (AGM) of CAGH (Oct 2021)

Geneviève Dubois-Flynn & Chris Rosene                 Shafi Bhuiyan and Christina Zarowsky