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Matthieu Kamwa

Matthieu Kamwa
Portrait of Matthieu Kamwa

Dr. Matthieu Kamwa - MD, DPH - has earned a Medical Degree from the University Centre for Health Sciences, Yaoundé (Cameroon), a certificate in Epidemiology and Control of Communicable Diseases from The University of Nairobi and the World Health Organization (Kenya), and a Postgraduate degree that focused in Health Systems Analysis, Health Economics, Documentation in Health care, Health and Environment, Public Health, and Epidemiological methods from the University of Nancy (France). He is currently a Senior Global Health Consultant at Health Development & Management Consulting: an organization he has founded.

Matthieu is also an Adjunct Professor in the Faculty of Health at York University, and an External Reviewer at the Canadian Institutes of Health Research & Grand Challenges Canada.

Matthieu has many experiences working at the WHO such as being a Representative for the United Republic of Tanzania, a COVID-19 Senior Advisor for the Regional Office for Africa, a Manager for the Poliomyelitis Eradication Initiative Africa, and a Team Leader at the Inter-Country Programme (Immunization), West Africa.  Over the years, Matthieu also held multiple roles at the Ministry of Public Health in Cameroon such as being the Deputy Director of Preventive Medicine & Rural Health Services, the Director of Medical Services, and the Senior Inspector of Public Health.

Matthieu has also been professionally affiliated with the CCGHR, the Global Public Health Policy Group, the Canadian Public Health Association, and the Cameroon Medical Association.

Matthieu is fluent in English and French and has elementary proficiency in Portuguese.