Dr. Katrina Plamondon (RN) is a Canadian woman of Cree, Irish, Quebecois, and German ancestry. With 15 years of leadership in global health, she served on the Board, was a program leader, and co-chaired the University Advisory Council for the Canadian Coalition for Global Health Research (CCGHR). She was the Principal Investigator for the CCGHR Principles for Global Health Research and plays a central role in creation and delivery of training institutes, learning resources, and analytical tools to move these principles into action. With expertise in knowledge translation science and practice, her research focuses on questions of how to support greater alignment between evidence, intention, and action for health equity. She is an invited member of the National Scientific Advisory Committee for Global Health; partners, teaches, and mentors in global health; and actively sparks national and international dialogue about issues of equity in global health.

Social Determinants of Health,
Diversity, Inclusion & Equity,
Knowledge Translation