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Health Professional and Patient-Centered Care

Health Professional and Patient-Centered Care

The Burden of Covid-19 on Pharmacists – Project By: Julia Silano -  Mentor: Jordan Jarvis

Pharmacists are critical to the delivery of accessible, integrated health care in Canada. As their role has expanded, these healthcare professionals are providing more services for patients than ever before. Throughout the pandemic, pharmacy professionals are front-line health care workers who are accessible in person for patients. Pharmacists have rapidly adopted critical changes within their workplace in order to respond to patients and fellow staff amidst evolving standards of practice and provider guidelines (Elbeddini et al., 2020). As challenging and demanding as such changes were, pharmacists are better equipped to protect themselves and their patients against subsequent waves and novel variants. On the 25th of September is the annual World Pharmacists Day. This infographic is aims to promote and advocate for the integral role of the pharmacist as this profession adjusts to the government, health system and societal demands during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Behind Diagnoses: Patients” | A Peer Med Podcast Series – Project By: Leah Sarah Peer -  Mentor: Dr. Molly

Behind every diagnosis, there is a patient, and in every patient is a human being with a beating heart. Medicine can only be effective when the human connection between physician and patient, the clinical relationship, is at the heart of patient-centred care. With the advancement of modern medicine and the delivery of technology, the emotional and social tasks of providing care have taken a back seat. Patients look to the healthcare system for relief or recovery and with long wait times, and short appointments, it adds to their burden. Given the overcrowded facilities and a lack of resources, it is no surprise that physicians quickly take vital signs, prescribe medication and move on. The consequences of this cold and methodical conduct, however, may be efficient in the milieu of the healthcare systems present in the West, but they lack an effective, meaningful and consistent clinical relationship.