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Global Health Students & Young Professionals Summit

Global Health Students & Young Professionals Summit

Stepping onto the Global Health scene as Students and Young professionals:

Transforming Knowledge into Action 


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The Canadian Association for Global Health (CAGH) is delighted to announce that the Global Health Students and Young Professionals Summit (GHSYPS) will be held on November 20th, 2022, in-person, at the Hilton hotel in downtown Toronto.  

Registration for GHSYPS is now open! For a one-day fee of $50, you can attend the conference and enjoy coffee and lunch. 

This year’s GHSYPS provides a platform for emerging global health leaders to explore and address the inequities that exist on the local and global scale. The COVID-19 global pandemic has created new inequities and exacerbated pre-existing disparities. With growing calls to decolonize global health, and increased attention paid to equity, diversity, inclusion and justice, students and young professionals will play an important role in rebuilding global health systems that better serve everyone. 

Through a series of workshops and panels, attendees will learn key skills from young leading and driven health professionals. Some topics may include: how to conduct evaluations, build authentic partnerships, implement new projects, seek out professional development opportunities and how to best leverage their skills in a multidisciplinary global health sphere. The Summit aims to provide a space for students and young professionals to connect, network, engage, and be inspired. 

The summit program will be built around the following sub-themes: 

  1. Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Justice 
  2. Local and International Inequities  
  3. Indigenous Health 
  4. Local Implementation as Key to Inclusivity 
  5. Global Health in Times of Crisis