Dr. Francine Darroch is an interdisciplinary researcher and educator with expertise in qualitative health research, global health, inequities in pregnancy and physical activity, maternal health and the intersections of racism, gender-based violence, substance abuse, trauma, and structural violence. Her feminist participatory action research focuses on leveraging physical activity to improve quality of life. Her current work aims to address inequities in physical activity for urban Indigenous and non-Indigenous pregnant and parenting women, through trauma-and violence-informed approaches to physical activity. The goal is to co-create programs and resources to increase access to physical activity, enhance social cohesion, community connections, and improve overall health. This work addresses individual, systemic, and structural barriers to health and well-being. Overall, her multi-faceted research is committed to social justice, health equity, and challenging power differentials in research practices. She is a passionate advocate of social justice and health equity for marginalized populations.

Social Determinants of Health,
Diversity, Inclusion & Equity,
Gender & Health,
Emerging Leader