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Call for Abstracts

Call for Abstracts
  • The abstract submission deadline was June 23, 2021- it is now closed.
  • Notification of abstract acceptance or rejection will be sent by August 25, 2021

The CCGH invites abstracts for oral, poster, workshops, symposia, and for videos to be presented in a hybrid program! Submissions may address any global health topic, but must relate to the conference theme and at least one of the sub-themes below.


Rethinking partnership paradigms in global health
“We need a renewed vision for global health as well as a renewed vision of ourselves in it.”1

In the global advance towards 2030, there is a sense of urgency to evaluate if partnerships in global health at home and abroad are sufficient in their present form to reach the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SDGs require an integrated and horizontal approach to achieve universal health care, equity and an end to poverty by 2030. By their design, one goal is dependent or related to another. It is therefore impossible to address health without considering its determinants, including the impact of connections between people, animals and their ecosystems. The complexity of the SDGs and the current state of the planet requires a paradigm shift in the way we work together. Silos, one directional knowledge flow, North-South or top-down approaches are no longer “fit for purpose” in partnerships and need to be reviewed in light of the values of compassion, equity, inclusion and respect.

To read more, visit the full theme document.
1) Cislaghi B, Bukuluki P, Chowdhury M, et al. Global health is political; can it also be compassionate? J Glob Health. 2019;9(2):020306. doi:10.7189/jogh.09.020306


  1. Accounting for power and privilege to improve equity in partnerships
  2. Lessons learnt from the global pandemic towards more resilient systems
  3. Planetary health and opportunities for new partnerships

Priority will be given to abstract that address the overall conference theme of changing partnership paradigms within the context of power and privilege, planetary health, pandemic resilience.

Abstract authors should consider how the nexus of policymaking, science and societies aid in the structure of partnerships in global health.

Session formats: Note that session formats may have to shift to digital presentations

  • Oral presentations: One presenter, with or without co-authors; up to 10 minutes for presentation.
  • Poster presentations: One visual representation of the abstract with one presenter.
  • Workshops: Total time:  1.5 hours; One or more facilitators; A workshop is meant to be an interactive learning session and involve participation from the audience.
  • Symposia: Total time: 1.5 hours; Between three and five presenters; A symposium is meant to provide an in-depth examination of a specific topic from the different points of view or experiences of the presenters.
  • Video Documentaries:  Cannot exceed 20 minutes; Color or black/white; permissions needed, as appropriate. Video documentaries are meant to provide an in-depth analysis of a specific topic.

Download the abstract guidelines and scoring criteria


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