Ericka Moerkerken is a monitoring, evaluation, and learning manager involved in the design and management of global health initiatives, and a generalist with an international upbringing, a commitment for human wellbeing, and a passion for sharing knowledge, as well as a diverse background (languages, political sociology and environmental law). She worked for several years at an international development consulting firm. Ericka earned her MPH and quickly felt she could best be of service in public health, where the cultural, social, and economic intersect and show that health is not just about medicine. Since then, through the very humbling experience of working internationally, including 2.5 years in Guatemala, a year in Mexico, and (since 2008) numerous short assignments with Santé Monde, she continues to deepen her understanding of and interest in sexual and reproductive health and rights, culturally adapted initiatives, field epidemiology and integrated, multisectoral approaches.

Social Determinants of Health,
Sexual & Reproductive Health,
Infectious Diseases