Amalia M. Issa (PhD, MPH) is an internationally renowned scientist and founding Director of the Personalized Precision Medicine & Targeted Therapeutics CenterTM; one of the world’s first entities in this field. She is currently a tenured Professor and formerly Chair of Health Policy & Public Health at the University of the Sciences with active collaborations at McGill University and UBC. For more than 20 years, Dr. Issa has led a multidisciplinary team effort to investigate the integration of precision medicine into healthcare delivery. Notably, Dr. Issa pioneered precision medicine decision science, and developed innovative tools for studying decision making about precision medicine technologies. She envisions a future where precision medicine leads to fewer people suffering from the global burden of serious adverse drug reactions. She has served in several academic leadership roles, has more than 155 publications and presentations, and has received many awards and honours for her work.

Governance & Administration,
Health Policy & Systems,
Social Determinants of Health