Alayne Adams is an applied social scientist with expertise in global health and nutrition, health systems research and the social determinants of health. Her research takes her close to the complex realities that give rise to health inequities and seeks to innovate community-engaged, evidence-based solutions. Alayne is a creative and dedicated educator and mentor, with decades-long experience teaching in and beyond the classroom in Africa, South Asia and North America.  From 2010 to 2016 she was based in Dhaka, Bangladesh, where she continues to lead research on the health and food systems challenges of rapid urbanization. Her research innovates ways to improve the quality, affordability and responsiveness of frontline healthcare delivery to the urban poor, inclusive of the private sector. She also explores access inequities among socially vulnerable populations in Montreal, and strategies to provide responsive, integrated services.  She directs the Global Health Program in McGill’s Department of Family Medicine.

Social Determinants of Health,
Gender & Health,
Governance & Administration,
Community Health,
Sexual & Reproductive Health